What is a WAG?

wit, bad boy, jokester, buffoon, pulcinella, zany, life of the party, funnyman, droll, quipster, rascal, humorist, farceur, ironist, merry andrew, comic, joker, ruffian, devil, prankster, punch, gagster, kidder, bel esprit, jack pudding, scamp, bon diable, wise guy, rowdy, wiseacre, smartass, persifleur, wisecracker, wearer of the cap and bells, show-off, punner, reparteeist, scaramouch, little devil, grimacier, clown, rapscallion, motley fool, card, lampooner, little rascal, mischief-maker, jack in the green, practical joker, knave, fool, wearer of the motley, little monkey, gagman, comedian, imp, enfant terrible, jester, funmaker, pantaloon, wit-snapper, parodist, burlesquer, minx, puck, wagwit, mountebank, punster, gag writer, epigrammatist, rogue, pixie, tumbler, mime, cutup, booger, wit-cracker, harlequin, caricaturist, satirist, jack a dandy, scapegrace, jokesmith, madcap, witling

Posh & the WAGs at the 2006 World Cup

What is a WAG?

Wives and Girlfriends

Victoria Beckham (aka "Posh" Spice) was queen of the WAGs
Indian Railways WAG-1 class locomotive

What is a WAG?

Indian Railways WAG class Electric Locomotives

<= note the conductor peeing beside the train

Walgreen Company NYSE ticker=WAG